What’s the most effective way to organize online?

(I’m targeting this query primarily at my friends involved in the space of social networking, attempting to glean insights ahead of a speech I’m giving on the topic.)

Is it a Facebook group? Is it Twitter? Is it a more targeted approach, like listing something on ThePoint.com? Is it good old fashioned e-mail?

There’s no one size fits all

I realize this. That’s why I’d like to learn what specific ways you’ve tried to organize people online, and how that affected what tool you chose to do so.

Thanks in advance.

CrowdFire set to ignite San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music Festival

Ad Age reports on Crowdfire

Organized by John Battelle (author of “The Search,” a brief history of Google, its rivals and the economy they created) CrowdFire will attempt to capture and stream the myriad experiences capture on mobile media over three days at music festival in San Francisco.

CrowdFire will have a central hub, sponsored in part by Microsoft, adorned with plasma screen TVs displaying different information (tweets, YouTube videos, blog posts, etc.) uploaded and tagged by concert goers in real time.

Where’s the real value?

That’s my question. I don’t doubt there is, but is it to concert goers? Is it to those who couldn’t make it? Or is to marketers?

Just a few questions, I’ll be interested to learn how it went down…