Watch out for the ‘Fanebook’ Facebook forgery

Do not give your login information to

I received two e-mails from ‘,’ which, through the glory of gMail, just showed up as “Facebook” in my inbox, informing me that a friend had left a message on my wall.

The messages looked downright phishy (“lol this vid is so crazy and funny! check it out”) and here’s a screen shot of the Fanebook clone below:

As you can see Fanebook looks identical to Facebook, but you can see the slightly different URL in your browser. I didn’t have time to look at the source code this morning, but apparently it’s all in JavaScript, according to a few folks who dug through it over the weekend:, and Pi’s blog.

If you’ve given your password and account information to Fanebook, you might want to see if you can still log in to your account. If you can’t, make sure that other sites you use (for online banking, etc.) don’t use the same password.

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