Alex Kuczynski at Medill – Style and Substance: Reporting on Popular Culture

Alex KuczynskiAlex Kuczynski is scheduled to speak at the Medill School of Journalism at 12 pm on Monday, November 12 2007 in Fisk hall.

I picked up on it from a weekly newsletter I get, Flavorpill, which describes Kuczynski, saying:

“For some, the Critical Shopper columnist is bafflingly superficial, an over-privileged aesthete who sullies the paper’s reputation with conspicuous consumption and the jet-set lifestyles of the ultra-rich. Others simply see her as a shrewd and pragmatic businesswoman. After all, she delivers what people want — high-end shopping tips, luxury-product critiques, and the best place to buy a $5,000 chinchilla coat.”

I’ll be attending, so if you have any questions regarding Kuczynski, her work, or reporting on popular culture, let me know.

3 thoughts on “Alex Kuczynski at Medill – Style and Substance: Reporting on Popular Culture

  1. Personally, I think her column is more suited for the Wall Street Journal’s Pursuits section, as it seems — at least to me — to epitomize haute culture.

    Then again, I think that if the Times is to remain relevant, it has to keep her around to keep with the Journal. Ask about her long-term goals.


  2. Thanks.

    Actually ended up missing the speech today, though I heard from others she was pretty “in your face.”

    I was meeting with an adviser discussing a social networking site that is currently beta, with whom I am doing an independent study this quarter. We had an interesting conversation – I may post about it later. We’ll see…


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