Planning a high school reunion, et al

I’ve been working with a committee to plan our five-year high school reunion. After setting the date for Thanksgiving, here’s a message we received via the Facebook group we set up to solicit suggestions from our classmates.

We (Jason H., Jeff M., Andy F., AJ K., Joshua S.,) would like to respectfully suggest a new reunion date. We believe that the date of the reunion is a bit too early. After 5 years of college few people have made notable changes in their lives. Nevertheless, we would be excited to attend a 5 year reunion, but feel a date some time in the summer would better fit the occasion. If our class of 02 were able to circle this weekend as a priority of their summer, we believe it would have more meaning.

Only if you knew me could you recognize the absurdity of such a formal request. (Jason, Jeff, Andy, A.J. and Josh are my best friends).

I also agreed to head up the alumni network for an internship program I participated in the summer of 2005 in Germany. It should prove to be interesting, plus it’ll give me an excuse to actually sit down and start learning Drupal, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

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