STA Travel Update

Quick update on my life right now:

I’ve been selected as a semi-finalist for STA Travel’s World Traveler Summer Internship. I have a phone interview on Thursday. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Screen shot of STA Travel's competition for their World Traveler Summer Internship.

I’m currently scouring the blogosphere for an invite to Joost, so if you know anyone who uses it right now, let me know.

Still waiting to hear back from the fellowship I applied for with the American Council on German Affairs. That would take place in the fall or winter. We’ll see.

And finally, still spending the vast majority of my day with 13 other Medill graduate students working on the New Media Publishing Project, advising a newspaper in Michigan on how best to explore the convergence of digital and local communities. In the next few weeks we hope to roll out a few Web experiments.

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