Google and Verizon Close to Striking a Deal?

WSJ reports that the two giants may strike a deal that would see Verizon Wireless serve up Google as the default search engine on its mobile phones. (Note: that link may only provide a sneak peak of the article if you don’t subscribe, but you get the gist, and the rest is just background).

Could it be true? Anyone who owns an LG Dare, Verizon’s version of the iPhone, no matter what their sales associates tell you, can attest to how cumbersome the search process is. Half the time I launch the browser and just navigate to Google anyway.

According to WSJ, the deal is still in the making and wouldn’t close for a few weeks, at which point it’s anyone’s guess how soon they’d roll out Google on their phones.

But a guy can hope…

What two aspects of journalism will never change?

Here’s the answer Bryan Gruley of the Wall Street Journal gave a group of Medill business reporters today:

People’s need for knowing what they didn’t already know.

People’s need for good storytelling.


Most truths are.

If you have access to the Wall Street Journal archives, I’d suggest reading Gruley’s tribute to Tim Breslin, a former Chicago Wolves hockey player who died young of cancer – especially if you ever played hockey. It’s simply great.

Here’s a great piece on Gruley by Poynter.