Project Wiimote Operational!

So I snuck into my wife’s first grade classroom before work today and tinkered for a bit with my Johnny Lee Wiimote setup.

And now it works!

I promise I’ll post my experience in a bit more detail here, and over at the Wiimote Project. There’s even some talk amongst some of my friends of volunteering some time with a few underfunded schools in the area.

But first things first: I need to get it working and integrated for my wife so she can use it in my absence.

3 thoughts on “Project Wiimote Operational!

  1. I’ve been wondering how things are going. If you ever have a problem with a pen please let me know. Hope it all works out. The bluetooth element is the most tricky of the whole process.


  2. John – pen seems to work, but yeah, the bluetooth connectivity is the rub.

    MystycalMage – I will once it all works well and good – and once I have time to!


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