Day 3 – Still No Infrared LED Pen for the Wiimote Hack

Forgive me in advance if my thoughts are a bit incoherent this morning…I’m on my second cup of coffee and still not feeling fully awake…

So I ordered my infrared pen from Penteractive for the wiimote whiteboard hack from Johnny Lee, but I’m still awaiting the pen in the mail. The site was slick, payment via Paypal seamless, and I’m still within the promised 2-5 business days – but man, am I getting antsy!

More to come…

2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Still No Infrared LED Pen for the Wiimote Hack

  1. Hello Matt. This is John Mitchell, owner of I hope that you get your pen soon as well and you can begin wiimoting with the rest of us. It truly is a remarkable but so simple technology. I certainly want your experimentation to be positive and so don’t hesitate to ask about anything. As a teacher, I am able to play/work with it regularly. Lots of trial and error to be sure. Good luck. I bet you get your pen tomorrow! Thanks.


  2. Thanks, John.

    I’m planning to upload my experience to along with my specs to help others out, and I may even upload an answer video to Johnny Lee’s on YouTube.

    And don’t worry, if the pen is good, I’ll let people know. I have no problem telling people when a product gets the job done.


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