iPod Touch, Web Entrepreneurship

iPod Touch is great, but…
Blogger Mark Evans describes why he opted for an iPod Touch rather than an outright iPhone.

One thing that would make the iPod Touch even greater, however, would be VoIP – or the ability to essentially use the iPod Touch as a phone via a software download from Skype. Evans makes a good point though: that would probably anger the wireless carriers a little too much for Apple right now. And a follow up comment points out that the Touch lacks a built-in microphone. Alas, technology gets us so close…

Start-Ups: Follow the Opportunity, not the Plan

Blogger Bret Terrill offers a great aphorism for those hoping to succeed online: ditch the business plan and follow the opportunity. Business plans, he argues, are useless when the whole game can change under your feet with the launch of a new platform (iPhone, Facebook) or a new technology. Click through to read his analogy; it’s too good to rip off here.

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