More from the Google Tent…

Over at, freelance writer Simon Owens explores the implications the Big Tent (or the Google Tent as I’m fond of calling it) will have on the Democratic National Convention, how much more access bloggers will have this year, and whether the whole thing constitutes a consolation prize for progressives.

One quote caught me by surprise:

Despite the enthusiasm of many of the Big Tent participants I spoke to, there has been a fair amount of skepticism as well. In the comments section of an Alternet article about the tent, one person wrote that “any learned, critical thinking, reasoned human being would realize that this is a charade to sugar up and pacify the progressive community.”

Is it really ‘progressive’ thing?

If you follow the link and read the comment, posted by user blueapples26, this person hammers both Google and Digg for exhibiting decidedly undemocratic behavior. Now, I don’t disagree that both companies are less democratic than one might think, but I’m not sure the event is an attempt to placate progressives. Aren’t they setting up a similar tent at the Republican National Convention?

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